'Coffee Geek' Pour Over Coffee Maker

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The daily solution in the battle against the 'morning FFS’s'. This box contains a slick pour-over coffee filter, ready to be loaded up with a strong double shot of Colombian coffee (included). All that’s left to do is pour some steaming water over it, then realise ‘It’s gonna be alright’. 

The gift for the ultimate coffee geek. Contains:

  • A titanium-plated stainless steel pour over coffee filter that makes a banging cup of coffee with a richer taste, and replaces the need for paper filters
  • A double shot of gourmet Fairtrade Colombian coffee from CoffeeAid
  • All hand-wrapped in Edinburgh in bright gift box that on the back reads, 'Life's Too Short for Thoughtless Gifts’
  • An instruction card

This box is 100% vegan friendly.